Classes Information

Prop Box Infant Class (3-6 years) 
Developing an understanding of basic drama techniques through imaginative play and social interaction. Our infant class will develop their creativity, confidence and communication skills through exploring varied stimulus material for building their vocal and movement skills.

Prop Box Junior Class (7-10 years)
Strengthening characterisation skills through scripted and improvised performance. Our junior class will develop their performance techniques through exploring a variety of styles and genres.

Prop Box Senior Class (11-16 years)
As emerging artists our Senior class are able to expand their Drama skills and performance techniques, whilst deepening their knowledge and understanding of theatrical styles. Participants are provided with opportunities to realise their potential through solo and group work, devised and scripted performance.

Prop Box Players (17-19 years)                                                                                                          Our post-16 class are provided with opportunities to develop their characterisation skills and performance techniques to a more professional level.   Through exploring a range of texts and genres, devising techniques and theatre practitioners.   This class offers support to participants who have passion for drama and theatre, or have possibly studied Drama at GCSE or are currently studying Drama, Performing Arts or equivalent at A’Level. It offers experience to participants preparing for higher education courses and/ or careers in the arts.  The Prop Box Players develop a range of transferrable skills and have opportunities to prepare and rehearse audition speeches, presentation and public speaking skills, perform as part of an ensemble and/or  develop skills as drama workshop leaders.